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The purpose of this charitable public benefit corporation is to stop illegal drug use and the illegal use of legal drugs before it starts by.

  • Organizing primary prevention activities throughout our communities. such as, drug-free activities in the community and work with schools pre K-12 in educating our children and parents of the dangers of illegal drug use.
  • Helping to promote change in the attitudes of our children and adults that prevention is the best treatment against drug use.
  • Creating public information campaigns targeted at youth from three years of age.
  • Advocating that primary prevention is first and foremost.
  • Being proactive with other groups in their endeavor to prevent drug use.
  • Encouraging our youth to speak out against drug use.
  • Promoting locally and nationally No Drugs America Day and our message, "Say it Loud, I Need No Drugs".

Contact Information
No Drugs America Association Inc.
P.O. Box 3308
Victorville CA 92393-3308
FAX 1-760-951-4951
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Drug Prevention is the Best Treatment